Black women are the queens of hustling, but the goal is not to grind forever.

At some point, we have to turn that grind into growth and experience the joy of investing. That’s what 1787 Capital is here to do. We want to teach you how to go from making money moves to making money magic.

We represent the underserved community of Black female founders starting businesses faster than our counterparts, yet only receiving 1% of funding from venture capitalists.

If we are making less, investing less, and collecting less – saving money alone won’t save our financial futures. It’s time to take the next step and get the education you need to build and expand a healthy financial portfolio

1787 Group Founder: Myleik Teele

My goal for 1787 is to educate, fund, and create successful lifelong investors through membership and community. Over the years, many Black women entrepreneurs looked to me for financial advice once they started making significant profits. I found so much joy in connecting them to proper financial resources – 1787 is the ultimate connection!

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1787 Founding Members

During the pandemic, one phone call from Myleik was all it took to bring together this dynamic group of women who are killing the game as business owners and empire builders. The discussion that day sparked a commitment to build a community of Black women doing big business but are under-banked and need resources to learn how to increase their net worth.

Allow us to introduce you to the founding members of 1787 Capital family.

Zakia Blain


“1787 is the manifestation of possibility. Each founder is an example of what is possible when you take a chance on your dreams. Now it’s our turn to invest in the possibility in others’ dream.”

Mia Ray


“I want Black women to understand the importance of financial literacy. Start small, save/invest long-term and make our money work for us. We have the power to learn and grow our coins beyond our wildest dreams!”

Arsha Jones


“More than 10 years ago I scraped money together to attend a conference featuring prominent black women bloggers. That lit a fire inside of me and showed what was possible. I feel honored to be able to inspire the next generation of women who need to dream it, then real life it.”

Jerri Evans


“Money doesn’t have to be a taboo conversation, and most of what we’ve learned or know came from a place lack. Not anymore; we’re opening doors and legacy; through value and wealth, which is now more tangible than ever.”


Community is at the heart of what we do and what we stand for. Make your interest official by claiming your spot in our virtual community via our e-mail list.